Escape to Blitz Mountain

Escape to Blitz Mountain

I don’t drink to escape. I escape to drink.

I know it’s been far too long since I’ve posted. You may have surmised, dear reader, that I’ve been on the sort of epic bender that inspires poets, musicians, and madmen. Part of me wants to tell you it’s true – a three-month binge could cement my place on Mount Lushmore and (apologies to the 80s) slough off any lingering nerdosity of math grad school.

As it happens, though, the truth is more mundane. Personal (my mother is growing older) and professional (what do you mean another audit?) issues have kept me from my keyboard – though not, I must insist, the bar. In fairness, the bar probably has helped keep me from the keyboard, but everything that’s happened in that regard was clearly Research (with a capital R) intended to bring all the wonders of the bar to you.

The attached photo tells the story of a visit to a historic Manhattan bar, but there’s more to follow, especially around Thanksgiving, so watch your feed for a better drinking life!

Photo: The Vault Door at Trinity Place, Manhattan

Photo Credit: Steve Morgan